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Index of Surahs of The Holy Quran
Alhamdulillah; In last Ramazan 2022, I started one amazing program with my nieces and nephews in Pakistan. In the program we do small questions or assignments from Quran to increase knowledge of the Holy Quran and to develop interest to study the Holy Quran and Quranic Arabic. In this Ramazan 2023, our first assignment was to compile a list of Surahs of The Holy Quran with Arabic Names, English, and Urdu translation. MashaAllah The students of the Holy Quran have done amazing work and on this page I am sharing that work with all of you to get inspired by it and to get benefit from it. Alhamdulillah, I am so happy to see their hard work besides their busy schedules as some of them are already married Alhamdulillah and have small children MashaAllah, some of them are doing fulltime jobs, and some of them were very busy with their exams.

Special Dua'a :
1- May Allah make this work the means to develop interest in all of us to learn the Language of the Holy Quran and enable us to understand this book with its true meaning.
2- May Allah increase all these students in knowledge, health, wealth, happiness and Emaan.
3- May Allah give them great success in all exams in this life and in the life hereafter.
4- May Allah accept all these efforts from all of us ! Ameen YaRabbal A'alameen !

Important Notes :
1- Please understand this is their homework so there could be some small mistakes, typos or different meanings of the Surahs names so please check with some authentic Quran Translation before you use it. You can use websites like
2- There are different names for some Surahs so remember that as well.
3- There are different opinions for some Surahs if they are MAKKI or MADANI so keep that in mind as well if you see differences.
4- If anyone who wants to work on this assignment and wants to publish their work, please send us the PDF file of your work and we will include your work on this page In Shaa Allah.

Your Feedback :
If you would like to give any feedback or comments or you would like to encourage these students, please write us at subulassalam at OR at essamughal at (emails are written in this format to avoid spams from online auto search for emails)

Surah Index Assignments Completed by Students of the Holy Quran

Note: Everyone who participated in this project, they all are champions and winners, they all received certificate of recognition. However we requested our external judge who reviwed all the assignment submissions very carefully and provided his feedback on each assignment and marked the work in three areas 1- Efforts Level 2- Presentation 3- Beyond the subject. Based on that calculations we provided positions in different categories like 1- Students (Boys and Girls) 2- Moms Participants 3- Professionally Employed

Note: View the certificates on the sequence number links and awards certificates in remarks column

No. # Name and Link to the Index Remarks, Positions and Awards
Amazing work By Muhammad Owais Mughal, He was the first student who submitted the assignment. MashaAllah
Great work By Maria Mughal, She was second student who submitted the assignment. MashaAllah
Beautiful handwriting By Esha Mughal, She was the first student who submitted in her own handwriting. Very good ! MashaAllah
Amazing work by Tayyab Mughal, He was the first person who submitted in WhatsApp Message format but after that he submitted PDF when we asked for PDF.
Great work By Mahrukh Asad, in her own handwriting and nicely submitted in clean PDF. She is so busy but she submitted her work besides her busy life.
Most professional index By Muhammad Shahrooz Mughal, when I saw this work I was so impressed by his skills in Excel. MashaAllah
Beautiful and clear work By Noorul Huda Mughal, She did that very clearly and nicely. MashaAllah
Beautiful handwriting by Mubsirah Arshad, Besides here busy Schedule she did amazing job. MashaAllah
Most beautiful handwriting by Sabahat Maaz, MashaAllah she was also very busy but Alhamdulillah was able to spare some time to complete this task. Great work !
Amazing work By Aleezha Ashraf, she was busy with her exams and right after exams she worked on our assignment and submitted nicely. MashaAllah
Unique work submitted by Areesha Asharf, When I saw this work I thought this is almost look like our Allah's Zoo poster and the idea of using pictures was amazing ! Great job Areesha !
Most beautiful handwriting By Mahnoor Ali, The Arabic names of Surahs are written beautifully with A'araab. MashaAllah
Amazing work By Muskaan Ashraf, The idea of alternate row color is making it so clear to read. MashaAllah
Great work By Muhammad Shariq Mughal, I encouraged him to submit the work and he did it nicely. MashaAllah
Nice work By Javeria Adil, She is our most active member of the group, however due to her new role she was so busy but she tried and submitted her work. MashaAllah
Beautiful Index Compiled By Shariqa Rija, I was not aware if she was working on our assignment and suddenly I got a beautiful surprise ! Great work !
Brilliant Idea By Umme Hani Muddassir, She used big poster card so that it can be posted on her room's wall to memorize the names and meaning ! She worked so hard MashaAllah !
Great job by Abdul Moiz Mughal, He also gave me surprise when I received his work ! Amazingly completed MashaAllah !
Most colorful Index Compiled By Sarah Mughal, She is our youngest student and she encouraged to participate in this program by looking at great work by her cousins ! MashaAllah
Muhammad Osama Mughal
Beautiful work will be coming soon by Osama Mughal, He requested to include his name but we already included it here ! So submit it soon Osama Bhai !
Your Name
21 - You can submit your assignment to fill this slot

Surah Grouping Assignments Completed by Students of the Holy Quran

We gave one special assignment to only one student and MashaAllah he has done amazing work to complete this work. The assignment was to make some logical groups of the Surahs based on the common attributes in their names like Surahs with Prophet names etc. Check this amazing work ! You are encouraged to submit your work if you wish to do same assignment.

No. # Name and Link to the work Remarks
Beautifully compiled Surah Grouping By Hafiz Muhammad Hariz Mughal. He is our youngest student in boys and he has started his channel on YouTube for his beautiful recitation and he already recorded entire Surah Al-Baqarah MashaAllah, Here is the link to his channel !

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