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Subulassalam Children Course
Basic Quranic Arabic Grammar and Salah Understanding
In this course, we will cover complete Salah translation word to word and essential Quranic Arabic Grammar with most frequently used Quranic words which covers 50 % of total Quranic words out of 78,000. In Shaa Allah
We follow Understand Quran Course 1 with Salah (50 % words Quranic Words) along with practice on Juz 30 to find out what we have learnt and mark in the Juz 30.
We thank Understand Quran Academy to develop this amazing course and made the resources avaialble for others to use in order to spread the words of Allah and Quran, JazakumuAllahu Khairun Kaseera.
If anyone has any question or concern about using these resources in this website pleaes contact subulassalam @ hotmail dot com
You can download Course Material from Understand Quran Website.

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