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Allah's Zoo Workshop
In this workshop, we cover all the animals, insects and birds which are mentioned in the Holy Quran in an interactive way. In a PowerPoint presentation with the help of pictures and sounds of animals along with Quranic Ayat and their recitation with translation and Question on each slide to increase the knowledge. The objective is to increase the love and attachment with Quran amongst the young and little hearts.

If you need to arrange this workshop in your school, institute, masjid or community center, please contact me at subulassalam at hotmail dot com .

Important Note: All this work is developed for non-profit educational purpose, we thank all those contributors who have their resources available online for use, if anyone has any concern please don't hesitate to contact me at subulassalam at hotmail dot com.

Al-hamdulillah, so far this workshop has been conducted at following places:

No. #
39 Kimbercroft Court
April 2017
Islamic Institute of Toronto - IIT Academy
JK to Grade 6
June 2017
Islamic Foundation School - IFS
JK and SK
March 2018

Allah's Zoo Poster

Allah's Zoo Demo Video

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